Monday, April 2, 2012

Garnett is doing great!

Starting at about six thirty last night, Garnett starting giving birth to her litter of piglets. I was lucky enough to be there to see them all be born, help them take their first breath, clean off the membrane in which they were encased and help them find Garnett’s nipples so they could start feeding. It was incredible! Most of the piglets were breached, so Garnett had to push a bit harder, but they all came out looking great, albeit covered in that thin aforementioned membrane. 
As soon as they are born, if they weren’t immediately taking their first breath, we would give them a bit of a shake, wipe the gunk from their mouths and faces and help them upright. Within 30 seconds to a minute, they would be up and moving, instinctually trying to find mothers nipples. It was amazing! And after about 5 minutes, they were dry, clean, eating and looking like perfectly formed, tiny pigs! These animals surprise and amaze me on a daily basis. 
I had never seen a birth of any kind before, so this was a phenomenal experience. There are few words to describe it and I am just happy that I was there to help Garnett and the little ones. She gave birth to seven total, one of them, unfortunately, didn’t make it. In the excitement of it all, I got very few pictures, so for that I apologize, but there will be many to follow of the six little ones eating, sleeping, playing and doing all manner of cute piggy activities.....

Garnett herself is doing great! She’s tired, but seems content, is eating and drinking lots of water. Her piglets are nursing away and staying warm embedded in piles of straw....

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  1. Congratulations mid-husband Sebastiaan! Well done, all, and particularly Garnett. The miracle of life, I am so glad you were there, and awed.