Thursday, January 26, 2012

I’m too old for this $#!T

Many, many, many factors were considered in the decision making process, the details of which aren’t that important here, but just so that you can get an idea, here are a few: proximity to family, proximity to where I want to end up after this apprenticeship is over, ease of travel to NY for friends and food and the south for friends and music, intellectual stimulation, social interaction and the feeling that what I am doing will make a difference. With all of these factors, and quite a few more, I have come to the very exciting decision to move to Pennsylvania and spend my farm year at Buckland Farm! 
There will be copious amounts of posts about this place, so I won’t go into any detail here now...

There was just one issue that I had to figure out. They offer housing at this farm for people such as myself, but its not quite ideal. Its a great cabin with a wood stove and a lot of charm, but it would involve sharing a small space with up to 5 other people, and I am simply too old for such shenanigans. I did the dorm thing and lived in a house with 4 roommates and I’m not sure if I want to relive that again. Plus, I know myself well enough by now to say that it wont make me happy, I need my own space. 

How to solve this problem? Living in a tent was idea number one, but 9 months in a tent is a bit excessive. In the barn amongst the chickens? They can be pretty mean. My dad came up with the winning idea, find a cheap camper, set it up on the property and you’ll have a home! 

So that’s what I did, and as of yesterday I am the proud owner of a 1982, 23 foot Winnebago Citation camper trailer. All I need now is a Collie, a super hot, blond South African Girlfriend and a death wish and I could be the star of an 80’s action movie! 
Seriously tho, it’s just about perfect and I look very much forward to spending the better part of a year in it and all its decorating color scheme that was probably called “shades of muddy puddles.”

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  1. Hi Bas, Great idea, good luck! Hope it turn out to be a wonderful experience and will be all you wish.
    We're looking forward reading all about it.

    Lots of love, Rita